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Web Apps for Developers and Noobs

**tERMINAL** is a web application that interprets your instructions through a command line interface simulator. It will give you a taste of the things you can achieve as a web developer.

Give It a Try!

Serv.It is the first distributed service created especially for developers and webmasters. Serv.It allows web creators to use a CDN for their static assets at absolutely no cost.


"Simple HTTP Requests" is a tool that simplifies API testing. It sends GET or POST HTTP requests to a specified API end-point and saves responses to allow easy sharing and review.

Start Testing!

"The String Converter" allows you to hash, encode or decode strings using (almost) any known technique. It can be used through the web interface or through my publicly available API.

Encode/Hash It!

"The Javascript and CSS Uglifier" available both through the web interface and the API will "uglify"/"minify" your JavaScript and CSS code. It is also able to compile LESS and SASS code into CSS and minify it.

Uglify It!

"The URL Shortener" is a link shortening service that doesn't track you! It uses the domain to shorten your links, it has both server-side and client-side redirects and is also available through the Codepunker Tools API.

Shorten It!

Sitemap Generator will crawl your website pages and generate an XML Sitemap containing all your internal links. It is well fit for submitting the XML file to Google Webmaster Tools. The number of urls that can be fetched is (theoretically) unlimited.

Generate It!

Image Optimizer is a free tool that you can use to compress and optimize your image files in order to speed up your website loading times. It uses advanced optimization algorithms to obtain the best possible quality to size ratio.

Optimize It!