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Codepunker API Docs

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Getting Started :: Sitemap Generator :: String Converter

End Point

By default all requests should be sent to: https://www.codepunker.com/tools


If you want to access one of the API end points I manage you'll need a valid API key. To generate one, . You'll find your API key in the profile menu after you've authenticated.

Use the CodePunker Api Package

For easy use you can just run composer require codepunker/codepunkerapi Then you can use it as described in the README of the git repo.

Token Generation

If you don't want to use the package, once you've got a valid API key, you have to generate a token which will be used to authenticate you for future requests. Tokens are only valid for 24 hours. To generate the token send a POST request with the parameters below:

    execute [type]: string [value]:authorizeAPI
    key [type]: string [value]:YOUR_API_KEY
    rand [type]: string [value]: a random 32 characters long alphanumeric string1
    {"type":"success", "response":"i_am_a_32_characters_token"} or 
    {"type":"error", "response":"i_am_an_error_message"}
    1 [The random string is required for tasks that use a callback URL]

API End Points:

  • SiteMap Generator

    Description: Crawls your website pages and generates an XML Sitemap containing all your internal links.


        --- STEP 1 ---
            * REQUEST PARAMS: 
                1. "execute" [type]: string [value]:executeSitemapGenerator
                2. "domain" [type]: string [value]: the domain for which you want to generate the sitemap
                3. "freq" [type]:string [value]: valid frequency keywords are: always, 'hourly', 'daily', 'weekly', 'monthly', 'yearly' or 'never'
                4. "token" [type]: string [value]: the token you received as a response after the first request
                5. "callbackuri" [type]: string [value]: a valid url that I should notify that the sitemap is ready for download
                RESPONSE EXAMPLE:
                [example]: {"type":"success", "response":"the current status of your request"} or {"type":"error", "response":"an error message"}
        --- STEP 2 ---
            * Your callback url should be able to receive a request from "codepunker.com" once the site-map generation is done. Codepunker.com will send the following json encoded string through a POST request to http://example.com/yourcallback.php
                1. "data" [type]: string [value]: 
                        {"type": "success", "response": "https://www.codepunker.com/the_url_from_which_you_can_get_your_sitemap"} or
                        {"type":"error", "response":"an error message"}
                2. rand [type]: string [value]: 
                        the random 32 characters alphanumeric string you sent in your first request will be sent back to you to confirm that the request is a valid one.

  • String Converter

    Description: Convert, encode and hash strings to almost anything you can think of.


        Send a POST request with the following parameters:
            1: "string"  [string] (the string you are trying to work with) - required
            2. "method"  [string] ("encode", "decode", "hash1" or "unhash2") - required
            3: "token" [string] (the apiToken you generated at step1)
            4. "execute" [string] (value: executeStringConversion) - required
            1 Full list of hashing algorithms: ["md2", "md4", "md5", - "sha1", "sha256", "sha384", "sha512", - "ripemd128", "ripemd160", "ripemd256", "ripemd320", - "whirlpool", - "tiger128,3", "tiger160,3", "tiger192,3", "tiger128,4", "tiger160,4", "tiger192,4", - "snefru", - "gost", - "adler32", - "crc32", "crc32b", - "haval128,3", "haval160,3", "haval192,3", "haval224,3", "haval256,3", "haval128,4", "haval160,4", "haval192,4", "haval224,4", "haval256,4", "haval128,5", "haval160,5", "haval192,5", "haval224,5", "haval256,5"]
            2 Supported hashing algorithms: ["md5", "sha256"]