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How to install and configure PHP-FPM on a cPanel/WHM driven server without breaking everything

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 40 / 50

In 2015, there was no way to run PHP 7 on a WHM server unless you compiled PHP yourself, but now everything is running smoothly with Easy Apache 4. Learn here how you can provision and configure PHP-FPM with Easy Apache 4.

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Basic usage of closures in PHP

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 30 / 50

In this tutorial I will try to teach you about the basic uses of closures (aka anonymous functions) in PHP. You will learn how closures are used as callback functions and how they can inherit variables from the parent scope.

Closures have been introduced in PHP 5.3 and their most important use is for callback functions. Basically a closure in PHP is a function that can be created without a specified name - an anonymous function. Here's a closure function created as the second parameter of array_walk(). By specifying the $v parameter as a reference one can modify each value in the original array through the closure function.

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PHP - A primer on the Basic Authorization Header

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 15 / 50

This tutorial will discuss about the http basic authorization header and its many faults and unforeseen traps in conjunction with PHP code.

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3 solutions for sorting multidimensional arrays by child keys or values in PHP

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 50 / 50
sorted lego pieces

One of the tasks that less experienced programmers find really difficult is to sort multidimensional arrays by one of the values in the child arrays. In today's tutorial I'm going to show you 3 ways of achieving that - you decide which ones seems easier for you and provides the best performance.

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How to install Node.js and NPM on shared WHM/cPanel hosting account

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 10 / 50

I've noticed that this is a common query among website owners and/or developers. People need to be able to run various JavaScript tasks on a shared hosting environment so I decided to write this short step by step guide.

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