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Create a tar ball of your recent github commits with PHP

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 35 / 50 Tweet

In this tutorial I will show you how to use the "git log" command to create a list of files that have been modified in the last X number of git commits and pack them into a tar ball. This can be very useful for cases when you want to send code updates to a client but you don't have access to their server and they don't want to pull the changes from Github.

  • Step1: Create a file called createpackage.php and place it in the root folder of you project.
  • Step2: To generate an array with the list of files to be packed, run the "git log --name-only --max-count=1" through PHP's built in exec() function. This will generate a list of modified files from the last commit. Of course you can increase the --max-count parameter to get even more commits listed. Then, filter out the "commit details" - you should end up with an array that only contains file names.
            $res = array();
            //get details from last commit
            exec("git log --name-only --max-count=1", $res);
            //keep only files names not commit details
            foreach($res as $k=>$string)
            //recount the array
  • Step 3: Create a folder where you store these packages (we will refer to this as ALL_PACKAGES throughout this post) if you haven't already created one and also create a directory for this specific package (we will refer to this as PACKAGE_001 throughout this post). I use a timestamp to differentiate between packages but one can even use the commit hash or anything else that makes it easy to find and unique.
            //specify the folder where packages are
            $packagesfolder = "ALL_PACKAGES";
            //create the package folder
            $folder = "PACKAGE_001"; //You would probably want do this instead: "package.".date("m.d.Y.h.i", time());
  • Step 4: Copy each file to the package folder and use the --parents parameter to recreate the same folder structure leading to the copied file ( Example: if you modified: PROJECT_FOLDER/config/file.php you will get PACKAGE_001/config/file.php ).
            //copy the files to the package folder and keep the entire folder structure 
            //(eg: if a file is in ... subfolder/sub-sub-folder/file.php ... it will be copied to packagefolder/subfolder/sub-sub-folder/file.php )
            foreach($res as $file)
              exec('cp --parents '.$file.' '.$packagesfolder.'/'.$folder.'/' );
            //navigate to the packagefolder and then archive
            exec( 'tar -cf '.$folder.'.tar *' );
  • Step 5: Move the archive in the root packages folder (ALL_PACKAGES) and optionally delete the "PACKAGE_001" folder.
            exec( 'mv '.$folder.'.tar ../' );
            chdir( '..' );
            exec('rm -rf '.$folder.'/');

Hopefully some of you will find this code useful. If this is the case you can download the entire code from its Github repository.