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Overwrite built in PHP functions using namespaces

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 50 / 50

This web development tutorial will teach you about the role of namespaces in PHP through a very cool example - overwriting what is arguably the most frequently used function in PHP - the great var_dump() :).

Namespaces are a relatively new concept in PHP as they've been introduced in PHP 5.3. The role of namespaces is to allow virtually unlimited usage of code elements such as classes and functions. Namespaces in programming, not just PHP, are just like folders in operating systems - they have the role to organize your files.

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HTML for Beginners - Part 2 - The Basic Structure of an HTML Document

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 10 / 50

In this section of the HTML for Beginners series of tutorials, we will learn a little bit about the HTML structure.

Every HTML must contain the DOCTYPE declaration. This instructs the browser to use a certain HTML version when interpreting and rendering the document. HTML 5 web pages begin with <!DOCTYPE html>.

The HTML document is like a tree. The roots can be associated with the "head", while the trunk is the body and all the other tags are its branches, sub branches and leaves. A tree can not have more than one trunk, but can have as many branches and sub branches as you want. Below is the HTML representation of our tree.

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A jQuery tutorial for beginners - The most common use cases

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 15 / 50

This web development tutorial is to be read by coders who are just starting using jQuery on their websites. By going through the use cases listed below you will learn a few of the basic techniques in jQuery.

In web development, jQuery is mostly used to manipulate the HTML DOM (Document Object Model) or in other words change the structure or appearance of the web page.

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3 things you probably didn't know about converting to Boolean values in PHP

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 20 / 50

For those of you who don't know, PHP is a "loosely typed" programming language. In other words, you don't need variable type declarations in PHP, because the type of a variable is determined by the interpreter depending on the context in which it is used.

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HTML for Beginners - How does the web work and what is HTML

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 10 / 50

Anyone who wants to become a web developer/designer must first know what he's learning.

The Web is the sum of all the documents or resources linked together by hyperlinks and identified by URLs.

Each time a "web surfer" accesses a URL through his "web browser" one of the above mentioned documents, a.k.a "a web page" is displayed on the screen. The technology through which this is made possible is called HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

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