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3 PHP loops gotchas

December 19, 2014 Difficulty: 20 / 50

This post is to give you a few tips that you should remember when dealing with loops in PHP. You will learn why it is bad practice to initialize variables inside a loop, why a do-while can cause headaches if one doesn't understand it properly, when for loops should replace foreach and some more interesting loop gotchas.

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How to modify MARC records with File_MARC

November 25, 2014 Difficulty: 25 / 50

One of my clients, a children e-books publisher, recently asked if I can help him modify MARC records for their library. As I had no idea what a MARC record is I started off here and soon I found that there's a PEAR package that can be used to read and write MARC files.

I will not go into what a MARC record is and what it is used for because if you are reading this article you probably already know that. In this article I will focus on how one can use the "File_MARC" PEAR package to modify/update the fields in a MARC file.

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Please don't...

November 4, 2014 Difficulty: 20 / 50
denied sign
In this article I will teach you how to avoid hard-coding paths and URLs inside your PHP code and also how to disallow direct access to your code files.Read Full Article...

5 jQuery performance tips

October 21, 2014 Difficulty: 30 / 50
jquery speed

In today's tutorial I will try to sum up a few things you should take into consideration when writing your jQuery code to avoid performance issues. Some of the following tips will apply to everyone... whether you are a jQuery fan or prefer vanilla flavor.

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Injecting code into pages with PHP DOMDocument

September 30, 2014 Difficulty: 25 / 50
cube elements

Numerous content management systems provide various ways through which developers can alter the content of a web page through plugins or other types of extensions. In today's tutorial I will show you how an article that is loaded from an external source can be modified using the DOMDocument Class in PHP.

DOMDocument is part of the DOM PHP extension, which allows operations on XML / HTML documents using its API. DOMDocument actually represents an entire HTML or XML document. We will be loading it from an existing URL or file. If you are loading the HTML from the database, just replace the loadHTMLFile() method with loadHTML($html_string) which takes an HTML string as a parameter.

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