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**tERMINAL** v2

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The **tERMINAL** interprets instructions given through a command line interface simulator. If you want anything from it you will need to type it down. You can start by accessing the help section. To do this type 'man' and then hit Enter/Return. The app is not a real terminal so don't expect to run commands like "chmod" or "rm -Rf" ... instead you can try the yoda or the do --harlemshake commands :).


The current command sent to the tERMINAL is: "man"
The availbale **tERMINAL** commands are: "mail", "about", "play", "games", "clear", "yoda", "do", "weather", "news", "gimme" and "whois"... and many others :)

Command Usage / Description
gimme gimme --picsof=[something] ENTER/RETURN
This will show you a nice image of whatever you put instead of "something"
*** You can also try the "gimme --comics" command ...
*** There's also a "gimme --porn" command ... but you need to be at least 18 years old to run that.
mail mail("your email", "your message"); ENTER/RETURN
This will send an email to me letting me know that "your email" wants to send me "your message". This is how I will know you want to talk to me and I will get in touch ASAP
about about("the subject you are interested in"); ENTER/RETURN
This will give you answers about anything you want to know. I forgot to tell you ... I know EVERYTHING :)
play play("the song you want to listen to"); ENTER/RETURN
This will play your favorite song :)
games games --the_game_name; ENTER/RETURN
I have created three Javascript driven games: "Video Poker", "Bomb Da Monkey" and "Snake". To access them type games --poker or games --bombdamonkey or games --snake or games --dinosaour. Here are the direct links: Video Poker :: Bomb Da Monkey :: Snake :: Chrome Dinosaur Game
clear clear ENTER/RETURN
This command will delete the previous commands printed on the screen
yoda yoda("A phrase that you want Yoda-transformed"); ENTER/RETURN
This command will transform any English text into Yoda-speach!
do do --harlemshake or do --invert or do --spaghetticode
Surprise, surprise :)
weather weather("The Location Name"); ENTER/RETURN
This command will tell you the weather forecast for the current day in the location you specify as a parameter!
whois whois ENTER/RETURN
This command will tell you who The Codepunker is, what he does and how good he is at everything.
There's more! You can also try out / fiddle with: "ls", "ifconfig", "chmod", "chown", "shutdown", "pwd", "ping", "f***" ... and many more to come...