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Questions about PHP and other web development technologies organized by topic and difficulty.

Advanced PHP Quiz

PHP/MySQL 01-22-2018

This is an advanced PHP Quiz. It contains questions for seasoned developers about namespaces, traits, handlers and settings, command line execution, exception handling, OOP and other modern PHP features and functions.

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Beginners PHP Quiz

PHP/MySQL 04-13-2017

This quiz is primarily targeted for beginner PHP developers. It covers basic concepts like variable types, arrays, basic OOP principles, functions MySQL queries and other gotchas related to the PHP programming language.

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Beginners HTML/CSS/JS Quiz

HTML/CSS/JS 02-07-2017

This is a front-end code quiz for beginners. It contains questions about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Topics range from HTML standards or CSS properties and selectors... to basic JavaScript knowledge of data types, functions, etc.

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