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My name is Daniel. I am a full-stack web developer.

I started coding in 2005 and since then I have worked on tens of projects out of which I've open sourced a few.

Right now, I am a partner and CTO at Web3Box Software, a web development company based in Henderson, Nevada. Even if I am very busy with my main activity, from time to time I like to take on challenging freelance projects, mainly through Toptal. exists because I strongly believe that web development is the coolest career a person can ever pursue. As a consequence I try to guide people who are just starting out and also help those who are already part of the industry.

On you'll find some tutorials on various topics related to web development. I have also coded some fun apps and a learning section to spark the interest of the newcomer.

Finally, for those of you who are already web developers, I've written a few web apps and an API which are meant to reduce the time you spend for specific daily tasks.

Want to get in touch ? Shoot me an email at info [at]


Daniel Gheorghe
Web3Box Software LLC