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Free Sitemap Generator Tool Free Sitemap Generator Tool

Category: Web Tools :: Version: 2.0.4 :: Last updated: 2019-12-03

Documentation :: Changelog :: Roadmap :: This tool is also available through the Codepunker API

This Free Sitemap Generator Tool will crawl your website pages and generate an XML Sitemap containing all your internal links. Then you can use the sitemap in the Google Search Console. You can choose the change frequency of the links, while the link priority is automatically calculated. The number of urls that can be fetched is (theoretically) UNLIMITED!

Sitemap Generator Docs

  • What is this for ?

    This tool is useful if you want to generate sitemaps for the URLs on your website.

  • Can I use this to generate a sitemap with JavaScript generated URLs ?

    That won't work. If your links are dynamically generated with client side code, my tool won't add those links to the sitemap.

  • Can I use this to generate a sitemap with thousands of URLs ?

    Yes you can. The tool is free to use and doesn't have a limit for the total URLs that can be indexed. The only limit is imposed by the resources that are available on my servers.

  • How do I use this ?

    Paste the URL of your homepage in the form above, select a frquency from the dropdown, type your email address so we know where to send the XML file with the sitemap and hit "Generate".

  • Can this be automated to update sitemaps regularly ?

    Yes. By using the CodePunker API you can schedule the creation of a sitemap at any point and you will receive a notification when the sitemap generation has finished.

  • Does the generated sitemap need any manual cleanup ?

    Sometimes you will need to open the generated XML file and modify it. My crawler is smart but not perfect.

  • There must be a catch... What are you doing with my data ?

    I value your privacy, your data will never be sold or accessed by anyone other than you. Please read the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

  • How do you handle redirects ?

    The tool supports a maximum of 3 redirects per link. If your links redirect more than 3 times, then the script will not add those pages to the sitemap.