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How to backup Ubuntu and restore it using "dd"

October 26, 2015 Difficulty: 20 / 50

DD is a Unix and Unix-like utility that is primarily used to convert and copy files. One really useful use-case for dd is that it can "pack" entire partitions into one single image file, thus allowing users to recover entire disks by "unpacking" and restoring a file-system in case of hardware failure.

To create a full backup for a partition the command you need to run is straight-forward. The size of the resulting image file will be the same as the size of your partition so make sure you have enough free space on the drive you are placing your backup... also, please avoid placing your image file on the same drive that you're backing up.

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The Basics of Time and Date in PHP and MySQL

July 14, 2015 Difficulty: 20 / 50

In this tutorial we will go through doing basic operations with Date/Time functions in PHP and MySQL and learn how to keep time zones in sync inside an application. We'll start by understanding why application level synchronization between the MySQL and PHP time zones is necessary.

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Basics of class visibility and Object Inheritance

June 14, 2015 Difficulty: 20 / 50

In today's tutorial I will try to explain two of the basic principles of Object Oriented Programming in PHP - class visibility and object inheritance.

I remember that when I started out I had difficulties understanding these things, so in this tutorial I'll try to expose a different angle for looking at some of the confusing aspects of OOP. Hopefully this approach will make everything clearer for you as it did for me ages ago.

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The basics of variable scope in JavaScript

April 21, 2015 Difficulty: 35 / 50

In this post, I will try to explain JavaScript variable scopes and hoisting as well as the many implicit gotchas. To make sure we don't bump into any sudden, unforeseen problems while coding, we must really understand these concepts. Otherwise the trivial task of reading more advanced JavaScript code can prove an overwhelming and most times an unsuccessful attempt.

The scope is the "bucket" in which a variable exists and it is useful because it catalogs the "buckets" from which you can access a variable and if you actually have access to it from within a particular "bucket".

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Login with GitHub using PHP

March 31, 2015 Difficulty: 35 / 50

This tutorial is not intended as a comprehensive package that fully exploits the GitHub API. It is however, a "guide" that is meant to show you how OAuth2 works by providing a practical example through the use of the GitHub API.

Using this package will authenticate users through their GitHub account by checking their public profile which in turn would represent enough to start a session on the website that creates the request. In this package I use the Slim Framework to read data from requests and configuration parameters, but the thing can be adapted to work with any framework.

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