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Ethereum mining on Ubuntu 16.04 with Nvidia GPUs

January 13, 2018 Difficulty: 20 / 50

What is mining

You've probably heard legends about people making millions of dollars through a process called "mining" crypto-currencies.

In simple terms mining is the process through which, using raw computational power, transactions on some blockchains are validated. In return, the person who "rents" that processing power is rewarded with crypto coins.

Ethereum mining in particular is no different - One rents his multi-gpu machine and earns ETH in return.

I already heard you say "I want in!" so let me warn you: It's not that easy!

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Becoming A Zend Certified PHP Engineer - A Career Changer For PHP Developers!

April 13, 2017
certification diploma

Everything you ever needed to know about the Zend PHP Certification

Daniel Gheorghe - Zend Certified PHP Engineer My name is Daniel, I started out writing PHP back in 2005 and earning my Zend PHP Certification has been one of my goals from the very beginning. It took me 10 years to feel confident enough to take the exam. During that time, I struggled to find quality information about the certification and the exam itself, so now that I finally did become a ZCE I thought that this article would help shed some light on the entire process.

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3 solutions for sorting multidimensional arrays by child keys or values in PHP

January 29, 2017 Difficulty: 50 / 50
sorted lego pieces

One of the tasks that less experienced programmers find really difficult is to sort multidimensional arrays by one of the values in the child arrays. In today's tutorial I'm going to show you 3 ways of achieving that - you decide which ones seems easier for you and provides the best performance.

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Using PHP to create new subdomains, databases and email accounts on a cPanel driven server

January 16, 2017 Difficulty: 30 / 50
control panel button

Many hosting providers use cPanel and this tutorial comes as a helper for those of you who need to manage various server aspects with PHP. I will show you how to create new sub-domains, databases and email accounts on a cPanel driven server, from your PHP code.

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Punked School of Coding

December 22, 2016
An incentive for developers, computer science teachers and other professionals to follow what I'm doing for my local community - educate our young and prepare them for the future through free computer science teachings.Read Full Article...

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