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How to install Node.js and NPM on shared WHM/cPanel hosting account

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 10 / 50

I've noticed that this is a common query among website owners and/or developers. People need to be able to run various JavaScript tasks on a shared hosting environment so I decided to write this short step by step guide.

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The basics of variable scope in JavaScript

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 35 / 50

This article was initially written in early 2015 when ES6 was just a fairytale. Now that ECMAScript 2015 is widely used, I thought it would be a good idea to update the article with the changes that ES6 introduced in terms of variable scope.

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How to install PHP 7 on a cPanel/WHM driven server without breaking everything

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 40 / 50

In 2015, there was no way to run PHP 7 on a WHM server unless you compiled PHP yourself, but now everything is running smoothly with Easy Apache 4. Learn here how you can provision the needed PHP version with Easy Apache 4.

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Sync Audio with text using JavaScript

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 30 / 50

A client of mine wanted a way to highlight text on a page as audio was playing, thus helping children that had difficulties reading along. In this tutorial I will show you the solution I implemented.

The code makes use of the timeupdate event and it uses the data from the JSON to sync audio with the text.

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How to mix PNG files together while preserving their transparency, using PHP and GD Library

Daniel Gheorghe Difficulty: 30 / 50

Today we're going to learn how to use the GD Library to merge 3 or more png files into one while preserving transparency

We start with 3 png files that look like the ones below and what we want to achieve is a fourth image that represents the 3 initial png files one on top of the other, while preserving their transparency.

The tricky part when mixing png files is keep the transparency or alpha levels intact. To do that you need to know that when creating an image resource in PHP you have to make it "remember" the alpha state and fill the new resource with a transparency by using the imagecolorallocatealpha() function.

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